How To Vacation Free Using Loyalty Programs

There are other ways to get Hawaii cruise packages that discounts. Consider going in the off season. When there is less demand for a cruise, the cost will go down. It is at this time that you can take advantage of rate reductions and purchase a package.

If you stay in Waikiki and plan to spend most of your vacation there, is not necessary to rent a car. There are airport shuttles that will take you to your hotel and pick you up on the way back. Also, Oahu has a good public bus transportation system that covers almost the whole island.

The USS Arizona Memorial is a favorite for tourists; however, it is also busy and if families opt to check it out, they are advised to do so in the morning hours so as to secure a space on the ferry ride.

A vacation in Hawaii need not be expensive. Vacation packages offer many types of Hawaii vacations. Depending on the package, they may also offer lodging, sight-seeing and complimentary airport shuttle service. Hawaii is one of the few trans-Pacific stopover points, so it is well served by international airlines.

This is one area where you really can save money if you leave on a different day. Also take a look at like charges and determine if you can save any money by taking fewer suitcases.

It happened by chance in 1994 that I worked for Continental airlines and was able to get a free trip out to the islands for a vacations hawaii. I toured the island of oahu in my little rent a car and drove around to the north shore. I actually stayed a few nights in the Bali Ho rental home near Haleiwa town. It was then that i knew I wanted to come back and live on the north shore of Hawaii. I wanted my wife to feel that we can live out there rather then just take a vacation.

During Hawaii’s winter (November to March), the temperature is usually very pleasant – a bit cooler than during the hot summer months. If you plan to visit in the winter, keep in mind that it usually rains more during this time. But heavy and long-lasting rains are rare on Oahu (and especially in Waikiki, which is located on the sunny south shore), so even if it starts to rain, it usually doesn’t last very long.

The island of Molokai lies to the south of Oahu. This island is home to a large number of Native Hawaiians who have remained closely connected to their culture and traditional way of life.